Tomiya High School


Tomiya High School aims to develop students who have an independent personality, a highly enterprising nature and who widely contribute their efforts towards the creation of a multicultural society.

Naturally we strive to help students realize their academic goals, as many of them aspire to go on to university. However, we also encourage an ability to think flexibly and the acquisition of a sense of understanding.

The school has a course structure to meet the needs of the times. Three courses are offered: a Humanities course, an International course and a Science and Mathematics course. We take great care of each student while guiding them through the flexible curriculum which each course offers.


Humanities Course

In this course we aim to give students a solid grounding within the field of the Liberal Arts in order to develop an independence of thought. We place emphasis on 3 subjects: Japanese Language, Geography and History, with optional courses including Classical Japanese Literature, Human Environment and Local History. The ultimate goal of the course is to help students enter university within the Departments of Literature, Law, Economics, Sociology or Education.

International Course


In the International Course we aim to develop students who can think flexibly and globally to meet the needs of internationalisation. We place emphasis on learning English Language, Geography and History, with optional courses including International Understanding and French as a second foreign language. We aim to cultivate students to take an active part in a modern international society. Most of all, we aim to help students go on to university within the Departments of Foreign Languages, Literature, Law or Economics.

Science and Mathematics Course

In this course we aim to develop students’ skills to prosper in an information orientated and highly technological modern society. We place emphasis on learning the subjects of Science and Mathematics and we also support students to gain a solid grounding in the field of Applied Science. Over all, we aim to help students enter university within the Departments of Science, Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Agriculture or Nursing.

Characteristics of Our School

The Three Course Structure:

From the first year all students are divided into the three courses. We guide students meticulously according to their aptitude and academic goals and believe that students develop their talents and potential best through a well balanced curriculum as characterised by each course.

Careful Career Guidance

We take great care in ensuring that as many students as possible can continue their education at university level. Each course requires first year students to study the basic subjects of Japanese Language, Mathematics and English, and in the second and third years there is also a wide variety of optional courses for students to choose from. We strive to give a broad-based education which can help students enter university easily and pursue their chosen future career path.

A Peaceful and Creative Environment


The Tomiya High School campus contains a variety of beautiful trees, and easily viewable in the distance is Nanatsumori forest. The school buildings are bold in design and bordered by a large playing field, both features ideal for a modern senior high school. We have excellent educational facilities to allow students to be active in many areas and fully develop their personalities. We further encourage extra-curricular activities in order to ensure that students enjoy their time at Tomiya and that their school life proves rewarding.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

Sports Club Activities


Baseball, Track and Field, Softball, Soccer, Kendo (Japanese Fencing), Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Kyudo (Japanese Archery), Handball、Lawn Tennis, Soft Tennis.

Cultural Club Activities


Japanese Literature, Natural Science, Brass Band, Strings Orchestra, Chorus, English Conversation and International Understanding, Computer, Japanese Tea Ceremony and Japanese Flower Arrangement, Drama, Fine Art, Dance.

Hobby Groups

Japanese Chess Club, Photography Club, Junior Red Cross, Movie Research Club, Illustration Club.

School Events

Career Guidance lecture, send-offs for inter-school competitions, Basketball, Soccer,Volleyball and Softball Tournament, School Athletic Meet, School Cultural Festival, School Excursions(domestic and overseas) , Cultural show(Drama performance or Music Recital), Brass Band Concert, International Cultural Exchange Party, Course guidance.

School Yearly Timetable

Entrance Ceremony
Student council Conference
International Party
All High School Sport Festival
Careers Lectures
Mid-term Examinations
Student Teacher Internship
Ball Sports Tournaments
Intensive Summer Seminars
Junior High School Visit Day
Intensive Summer Seminars
School Cultural Festival
End of term Examination
Cultural Show
School Foundation Day
International Understanding Lecture
One Day Internship
Second Grade School Excursions
Mid-Term Examinations
Winter Intensive Seminars
Winter Intensive Seminar
Careers Lecture
Final Examinations
Graduation Ceremony